St. Rita Annual Pasta Lunch - Tuesday, May 19

posted Apr 28, 2015, 10:01 AM by Angela DiGiacomo

    The highly anticipated St. Rita Annual Pasta Lunch fundraiser for the grade 6 end of year activity will be held Tuesday, May 19. For $5.00 students will receive a plate of pasta (with or without meatballs), carrots, 1 rice krispie square and a choice of water or juice.

Thanks to an overwhelming response, St. Rita school achieved 100% family registration on school cash online.  Please take this opportunity to order the pasta lunch online by going to school website, and click on cashonline, or go to  The most effective and efficient way to pay is by clicking on e-check. The option to pay after May 7 will not be available. A letter about the pasta lunch will also be sent home to each student.  Thank you for participating.